Do you dream of becoming a successful blogger but feel like the rural area you live in is holding you back? Concerns about Internet access should not stop you from sharing your insights, wisdom and thought-leadership with readers looking for your sage advice.

While some internet service providers don’t offer service to rural homes and businesses, there are options for those who want to write and share via blogging. Here are 5 tips that all bloggers should know, especially those in rural areas! 

1. Have a Secure Internet Connection

When your entire job is digitized, it is necessary to have a strong and secure internet connection. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting what seems like an eternity for a blog or social media post to go live to your followers. When choosing your internet provider, it is also important to take into account how many devices you will be incorporating into your job as a blogger. One person can have a cellphone, a laptop, a tablet and a smart TV. If you take into account how many people are in the household, each using the internet on their own 4 devices, it can quickly add up. Phoenix Internet will have all the information you’ll need to know about different internet speeds so you can find the best one to suit your needs. 

Bonus Tip: avoid plans with data caps – if your blog isn’t complete a data cap can either throttle your connection slower or cost you additional fees. There are never any data caps with Phoenix Internet.

2. Use Available Free Tools

There are plenty of resources available that help you create, manage and maintain your blog. It starts with using one of several great blogging platforms, such as Blogger, Hubpages, Wix or WordPress. Other tools include free plugins built to help use the chosen platform easier, tools that aggregate social media sharing, free images, and Google Analytics.

3. Know Your Audience and Your Message

If you were writing a business plan, you’d be expected to do market research about the product or service you’re offering, the audience you’re trying to reach and what solutions your company can provide. A blog is no different. Before you launch your blog, it’s best to do the same kind of research.

Once you have a clear sense of the audience and its needs, be sure to create a content strategy. How often do you expect to post? What topics will you cover? How will you organize the content and will you use categories, tags, keywords, and other structural tools? Creating a strategy and goals around comments, likes, and shares will help you gauge success and change tactics when needed. Having these measures clear before you start is a smart approach.


4. Use Social Media

Blogging is not just about posting on the internet. To be effective, you should create an integrated approach to marketing yourself and your great blog content. That means marketing yourself on social media.

Social media is an ideal way to promote your blog. The content you write for your blog can be repurposed for other platforms and drive traffic. For example, if you write about science fiction, you may have a blog article on the top 10 sci-fi TV shows airing currently. You can create a social media post that only reveals one of the top 10 as a teaser and have a CTA in the caption that drives traffic to the blog to reveal the other nine choices. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Reddit are great platforms to share your content and attract additional readers, all while not having to reinvent the wheel. Tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social can help you create, schedule and measure social content.

5. Leverage Local Connections

Networking is important in any business, including blogging. Work with others in your area as appropriate — business leaders, local experts, community groups, students and business groups are a great way to build the buzz. Involve others and spread your business virally.

Be sure you have a great local technology partner like Phoenix Internet, which provides high-speed internet connectivity where others don’t, to residents and businesses in Arizona.

Not only should you connect with your community, but you should also build a community around your blog. Be sure to respond to comments, engage with your followers, ask questions and value the interactivity that a blog provides. It’s a great way to meet like-minded fans who can help promote your blog.

Bonus: Be Unique!

Having a unique quality as a blogger is almost an unspoken rule. When it comes to successful blogging, content is king. Make sure your content is not just repurposed material. It’s best to create posts that provide a fresh perspective, valued insights, a new take or compelling information. Consider whether the posts you publish are delivering answers to questions your readers are looking for and you are uniquely qualified to provide.


In summary, when looking to blog in a rural area:

  • Have a secure internet connection
  • Use available free platforms and tools
  • Known your content and audience
  • Use social media
  • Build a community
  • Offer unique content

At Phoenix Internet, we offer high-speed internet connectivity solutions for businesses and residences. To learn more about our coverage area and how our solutions deliver great internet access, visit us and click on Order Now in the top right corner.