If you have been a Phoenix-area resident for any length of time, you probably understand that when it comes to internet service providers, Cox and CenturyLink dominate the urban areas. The most underserved communities when it comes to internet are the rural areas like Wittmann and Apache Junction. Many traditional cable companies do not find it profitable to dig trenches and build infrastructure dedicated to these low-density areas.

Enter Phoenix Internet, a beacon of innovation and technology as an internet service provider. With a base located in the heart of Phoenix, this local company focuses on nothing but the best for Phoenix area residents.

Breaking Down the Monopoly: Cox and CenturyLink in Phoenix

Cox Communications and CenturyLink are the top providers of internet service in Phoenix. These industry leaders have long been the go-to providers for urban residents. They tend to have options for a range of packages and plans to suit many needs.

Their reach, however, is shortened when it comes to the area’s rural communities. The internet connection can only stretch so far and their reluctance to expand their coverage areas leaves many without proper internet service. Customers often find themselves either without any service or bogged down by data caps and restrictive bundles.

Challenges in Rural Connectivity in Phoenix

As you can imagine, rural customers face unique challenges when it comes to a proper internet connection compared to their urban counterparts. Traditional cable companies find it less profitable to build the proper infrastructure to reach these less populated areas. The terrain can also make it hard to safely reach these communities, leading to rural communities with the most limited internet service provider options.

If a rural customer relies on internet for work, video conferencing, school at home, or even simply daily tasks ,then the lack of connectivity can prove to be a barrier to opportunity and growth.

Introducing Phoenix Internet: A Game-Changer in Connectivity

Lo and behold, rural Phoenix residents finally have a choice for internet service providers. Phoenix Internet is a pioneer in connecting rural residents to high-speed internet. As a leader in delivering quality internet connections, Phoenix Internet understands the needs and desires of local rural communities, bridging the digital gap.

Phoenix Internet’s biggest advantage is its technology. No trenches need to be dug or infrastructure built. Instead, Phoenix Internet uses a system called fixed-point wireless technology to deliver high-speed internet. This saves the desert terrain and makes the internet accessible to local rural residents.

Understanding Phoenix Internet: A Closer Look

What sets Phoenix Internet apart from its competitors? You might feel more comfortable with a company like Cox or CenturyLink due to their size and appearance. However, Phoenix Internet has many aspects that make it more superior for Phoenix residents.

Phoenix Internet is based in Phoenix. When you call, you talk to someone local, not someone in another country. Your data will never be capped. You can use all the data you want, no matter which plan you pick. Lastly, the pricing is affordable. When you call one of our local representatives, they will help match you with a plan that works for you.

Fixed-Point Wireless Technology: The Future of Connectivity

The future of rural internet is here. Fixed-point wireless technology will take your streaming, gaming, and work-from-home needs to the next level. How does it differ from cable lines? Phoenix Internet strategically places local transmitters and receivers with fixed-point wireless technology to ensure a fast and smooth connection. You will have a receiver placed directly in your home. This allows for towers to be built in rough, rural terrain while the internet streams quickly to your home.

Phoenix Internet is not held back by physical infrastructure constraints or interrupted by the desert landscape. No longer are geographical barriers an issue. Phoenix Internet is not limited to environmental factors. This groundbreaking technology has saved many remote and underserved areas. You can now get connected to fast and reliable internet. Whether you’re living on the outskirts of Phoenix or in the heart of rural areas, fixed-point wireless technology ensures easy access to the digital realm for residents.

The future of the internet is here. Fixed-point-wireless technology is the ultimate solution where Cox and CenturyLink cannot reach.

Supporting Local Communities

Not only is Phoenix Internet the leader in rural internet, but supporting local communities is also at the top of the list. By choosing Phoenix Internet, you are supporting a locally owned and operated business that contributes to the economic growth of the state. We prioritize customer service and satisfaction with personalized support for all.

Embracing Connectivity Without Limits

In a world where your access to internet connections has become more important than ever before, Phoenix Internet is here to show you the way. For rural residents, the options are limited, but Phoenix Internet has the best plan for you. With no data caps or bundling woes, you can get the service you desire with the connection you need. Phoenix Internet is leading the path with technology, service and local support.