If you’re looking for the best high speed internet, you’re likely seeing a lot of numbers thrown at you. The best high speed internet for business isn’t necessarily the best high speed internet for your home, and a high speed internet service needs speed, bandwidth and latency. We’ll be breaking down the different internet speeds to help you decide which is the best option for your personal needs! 

7 mbps: Great for Light Use for Home and Business

7 mbps is a relatively slow speed, but it’s perfect for browsing the web and using applications such as Office 365. For home and business use, 7 mbps is often sufficient, unless there are many devices trying to connect at the same time.

Browsing the web generally doesn’t take a lot of raw speed, so it usually requires a fairly limited internet service. It’s best for up to three devices, relatively fast streaming, 1080P HD, casual gaming and web browsing. Phone browsing and phone games would also fall under this category.

15 mbps: Larger Numbers of Devices, and Online Gaming

Online gaming, fast streaming and live streaming will need a faster connection. This speed is ideal for 3 to 7 devices, and keep in mind that devices can add up fast. A household with three people and a television will likely have 4 devices on, because of their phones. Add laptops and computers, and you can easily get to 9 or 10 devices in a three person household.

Online gaming demands fast speeds and low latency, but this also depends on the game itself. Playing a real-time strategy game isn’t going to be as taxing as playing a game like Fortnite or PUBG.

25 mbps: The Best for FPS/MMORPG and Lots of Devices

For 7+ devices, the fastest streaming options, and graphics intensive games and twitch games, 25 mbps is the best solution. 25 mbps should be enough for nearly any household.

Households may need more internet speed if they’re going to have 15+ devices (such as smart homes with the IoT), or if they’re going to be doing extremely high definition streaming, such as on Twitch or YouTube Live.

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Getting the Best Internet Service

It isn’t just download speed that’s important, but also upload speed. For those who are working from home, running a business or just playing online games, upload speed is going to be important, too. Without upload speed as well as download speed, services can lag.

All residential plans have at least 2 mbps upload speed, and basic streaming is available. Most people only need basic streaming and web access, and many businesses are surprised to find that they don’t have extensive speed needs because they are mostly using offline applications.

If you’re wondering what the best internet speed is for you, you can take an internet speed test and determine whether your current speeds are sufficient. If your current speeds are lagging behind what you want, you might need a better ISP.

For gamers and streamers, the need for high speed internet is going to be greater. But casual browsing and casual gaming can usually be done on surprisingly slow connections.


  • Internet speeds can vary from anywhere from 2 mbps to 30 mbps, depending on your needs.
  • Most people don’t need extremely high internet speeds, except for gamers and high definition streamers.
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