So You Want to Become a YouTuber? Can Your Internet Keep Up With Your Ambitions?  

Do you want to be a YouTube star? It’s not a far-fetched idea. Many people have been catapulted into YouTube fame just by doing things that they enjoy. If there’s something that you really love doing and that you want to share with others, consider going the YouTube route. But first, make sure your internet has low latency and no data caps or throttling.

What’s in a YouTube Account?

Becoming a YouTube star is as simple as uploading videos and connecting with an audience. Of course, simple doesn’t mean easy. It can take a lot of work to create a YouTube account that has traction. You’ll need to upload videos consistently to the account. And a lot of those videos are going to be large.

If you want to maintain a YouTube account, you’re going to need to do a lot of uploading. What is a good upload speed? While some may argue what a “good” upload speed is, all will agree that having low latency is extremely important

Most Internet services are made with high download speeds but low upload speeds, because most people just want to download things rather than upload things. Those who need to upload YouTube videos are going to need better upload speeds, which generally means high speed Internet service.

When comparing Internet speeds, compare both upload and download speeds. Download speeds are still important for many YouTubers, because you’ll need to review your videos (and check in on the competition).

What is a Good Internet Speed for YouTubers?

At the very least, YouTubers are going to need Internet speed of 3 Mbps. But the faster your upload speeds actually are, the faster you’ll be able to deliver videos to your account. If your videos are lengthy, it could take hours to upload on a regular Internet connection. 

Internet speeds are important for other things too, such as live streaming. YouTube has live streaming options that can improve upon overall engagement with your audience. Live streaming lets you share events with other people, but you need to have a solid upload and download speed if you’re going to be able to easily communicate.

And, of course, many YouTubers also spend a lot of time online, managing their followers, reviewing other content, and downloading media. If you’re a gamer on YouTube, you’ll need the Internet speeds to support your gaming. If you’re a makeup artist, you will need to look at other makeup artists to see what they’re doing — and update your own content accordingly.

What Else Do You Need?

Having a good Internet service isn’t just about raw speed, it’s also about the contract. It’s also about reliability and resources. If your Internet connection drops, you’ll find yourself having to restart your uploads or reconnect to your live stream. Having a reliable service is important to getting your uploads done on time, and consistency is an important aspect of being a YouTube personality. Similarly, data caps are important. 

Resources are also important. Many high speed services actually cap your Internet. Use too much data, and you could be cut off or your Internet could slow to a crawl. Make sure your Internet service doesn’t have any hidden data caps, or you could find yourself with high speed Internet only half the time.

  • YouTubers need high speed uploads to upload their videos quickly and reliably.
  • Low latency is key!
  • Watch out for data caps.
  • Some services will cap your data transfers, so you need to pay attention to the fine print.
  • Faster upload and download services are both important.

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