Finding rural internet options might feel like a daunting chore. If you are one of the over 350,000 people that live in rural areas of Arizona, then you know this task all too well. It seems like big cable companies refuse to run lines to rural areas. Meanwhile you can opt for satellite, but a little gust of wind will knock your connection down.

So what rural internet option are you left with? The answer might be surprising, but there is a third option. That option is Phoenix Internet and superior technology for rural customers. Our motto is, “Where Others Don’t.” This is because we bring high-speed internet to places that other companies will not go. Let’s explore Phoenix Internet as your number one choice for rural internet.

Phoenix Internet is All You Need

Rural internet has never been faster and more reliable than what Phoenix Internet has to offer. What technology is behind this rural internet option? It is called fixed-point wireless internet. This technology uses line-of-sight towers to transmit information. This means that there are no cable lines to dig or orbiting satellites. Once the receiver is installed in your area, you can have lightning fast internet speeds.

Currently, there are Phoenix Internet towers in Tonto Basin, Wittman, Payson and Apache Junction. More towers are coming soon.

Phoenix Internet is focused on only providing the best internet connection. You do not have to worry about being bombarded with additional services. In fact, there are no bundles at all. There is just one monthly fee for residential customers and that starts at just $50/month.

The good news just keeps on coming. Part of what sets Phoenix Internet apart from other internet service providers is one big thing. Data caps. Many internet service providers will cap your data. What does this mean? It means that other providers may limit your internet usage. However, Phoenix Internet does not cap your data whatsoever. You can use as much data as you need to get the job done. Not many internet service providers can boast this claim.

Rural Internet Options When Working From Home

Working remotely is gaining popularity year after year. There was definitely a huge increase in remote work when the Coronavirus hit the United States in 2020. While some workers have gone back in person, many positions remained in the home. Many employers and employees find the flexibility to be positive and more productive.

One thing you must have when working remotely is reliable, high-speed internet. For people who live off the beaten path, options are very limited. While satellite internet has been around for nearly two decades, it has since not become a very reliable source of internet connection. In addition, there continue to be areas where cable companies will ultimately refuse to dig cable lines.

If you live near Phoenix, your rural internet options are extremely limited. However, there is good news if you work from home. Phoenix Internet can provide you the speed and reliability you need to perform your work remotely. With 25 Mbps, there is no slowing you down from performing your daily job from the comfort of your home.

Rural Internet Options for Streaming and Gaming

Another high priority for many people is to have rural internet options for streaming and gaming. Even city folks have begun to cut the cord with cable companies. In turn, they have chosen to use Wi-Fi for all their T.V. and gaming needs.

If you live in rural Phoenix, you too can stream your T.V. with internet from Phoenix Internet. Your upload and download speed will be sufficient for both streaming and gaming.

Final Thoughts

Even if you live off the hard beaten path, you can stay connected with Phoenix Internet. Fixed-point wireless internet is a solution many rural customers absolutely love. There are no bundles, no data caps and installation is a breeze. You can work remotely with confidence. Additionally, you can stream or play games with this advanced technology.

“Where Others Don’t” is our motto because we bring internet solutions to areas of Phoenix that other companies refuse to touch. We focus solely on fast, reliable internet. You will not be bogged down with additional services or gimmicks. If you are ready for the best rural internet option, then call today to get your service setup quickly: (602) 234-0917