Not all cities and towns surrounding Phoenix are treated equally when it comes to internet service providers. If you live in Apache Junction, then you might know this all too well. Finding a good, reliable Apache Junction internet service provider can feel like a daunting task.

CenturyLink and Cox have limited availability in Apache Junction with questionable speeds. Typically pricing is also compounded by bundling other services that you may not need.

Contrary to popular belief, Apache Junction internet service is often thought to be limited to just two options. The first being a company like CenturyLink that uses traditional cable-driven internet. This type of internet relies on telecommunication lines trenched into the ground then directly connected to your home. The other option often discussed is satellite internet. This is where signals are beamed to your home via low orbit satellites.

New Choice for Apache Junction Internet

However, there is a third option for Apache Junction internet service providers. It is called fixed-point wireless internet.

So, what exactly is fixed-point wireless internet? This type of internet utilizes line-of-sight radio towers to transmit data in Apache Junction. It doesn’t require expensive cables since it can be deployed wherever line-of-sight connectivity is available.

Many large cable companies like CenturyLink hesitate to extend their cable infrastructure to rural communities due to the high costs involved. However, fixed-point wireless internet circumvents this issue entirely. There are no obstacles related to challenging terrains or the burden of shouldering the entire cable cost on a single homeowner.

If you’ve had any experience with satellite internet, you’re likely aware of its slow speeds, unreliable service, and data throttling practices. Fortunately, these issues are not encountered with fixed-point wireless internet.

How Do I Get Fixed Point Wireless Apache Junction Internet?

Fortunately, rural communities in Arizona, like Apache Junction, no longer have to rely on broadband alone to access fast and reliable internet service comparable to what is available in Phoenix.

Phoenix Internet showcases fixed-point wireless internet service. This type of internet truly stands out as the optimal choice for rural areas. It caters to the specific requirements of these regions and ensures proper internet coverage.

Having been established in 1996, Phoenix Internet has dedicated over two decades to serving Arizonans residing in both urban and rural localities, that also include places like Wittmann, Tonto Basin & Payson areas. As a local company, Phoenix Internet is deeply entwined with local communities and provides excellent customer service. Phoenix Internet has an innate understanding of the personal and professional internet needs of local customers, offering tailored services that complement those needs without relying on federal subsidies or funds. In essence, Phoenix Internet has mastered the art of providing internet access to rural regions.

Call today to get your installation setup time established. (602) 234-0917. Our technicians provide quick and painless service and will ensure you have the right setup. In Apache Junction, residential service plans start at just $50/ month for 25MBPs.

What About Community Living?

Do not think that Phoenix Internet left out those who live in communities in Apache Junction. Several new resort and mobile home communities are part of our expanding network. You might already be part of the Phoenix Internet community! Discover if your community is already set up by giving us a call at (602)234-0917.

In each of these communities we are offering a range of speeds from 10Mbps to an impressive 30Mbps. Packages starting at just $50 per month. Do not suffer any longer with poor service or inadequate speed from outdated infrastructure. Just switch to save and stream better than ever before.

If you find yourself in such a situation, don’t settle for satellite internet or rely on data-capped hotspots. Don’t have Phoenix Internet in your community? Take action today by contacting your community’s manager or owner and expressing your need for better Apache Junction internet. We are dedicated to delivering fast and reliable internet service #Where Others Don’t.

Final Thoughts on Apache Junction Internet

Phoenix Internet is ready to provide the residents of Apache Junction with internet service they deserve. By investing in our own services, we are simultaneously investing in the welfare of our communities. This means you get the absolute best by choosing Phoenix Internet. With Phoenix Internet, you will not be limited to DSL or cable internet options. Instead, you can enjoy a staggering 99.99% uptime, exceptional customer service, and a large base of satisfied home and business users. Get ready for one low monthly price, zero bundles and no data caps. This is the internet for you.