If you live in a rural area in Arizona, then you might know the advantages and struggles living where the land is vast and the people are sparse. While many people love rural living, they often feel stuck trying to keep up with the modern world, specifically having good access to reliable internet. Oftentimes, people living in rural areas think that the only internet option is satellite. This could not be further from the truth, especially if you live in rural Arizona.

The best internet for rural areas in Arizona is not satellite or a hot spot from your cell phone company. The best internet for rural areas in Arizona is called fixed-point wireless internet and the best service provider is Phoenix Internet. Let’s discover why this is and how you can hook up with fixed-point wireless internet.

Why is Fixed Point Wireless Internet the Best Internet for Rural Areas in Arizona?

Most people think that there are just two options for internet service. You might understand that traditional cable-driven internet relies on telecommunications lines to be brought directly to your home. You might also know that satellite internet relies on low orbit satellites to beam signals to your home. Did you know that there is actually a third option? This option is fixed-point wireless internet.

What is fixed-point wireless internet? This type of internet uses line-of-sight radio towers to transmit the information. The grid can be anywhere line-of-sight is available therefore it doesn’t require costly cables. Many big box cable companies refuse to bring cables to rural communities because it is just too costly for them. However, fixed-point wireless internet does not have this same problem. There is no difficult terrain to overcome or laying the full cost of cable onto a single homeowner.

Now if you have had any experience with satellite internet, you know that the speeds are slow, the service is unreliable and they like to throttle your data. These problems are also not experienced when you opt for fixed-point wireless internet.

What Are the Benefits of Fixed-Point Wireless Internet for Rural Areas in Arizona?

If you live in rural Arizona, then you might be curious what the benefits of fixed-point wireless internet are in rural Arizona. There are several benefits and many reasons to try it out. Here are a few benefits.

First of all, fixed point-wireless internet is the best internet for rural areas in Arizona because it is far superior to satellite services. It offers faster internet speeds, no disruptions from cloudy weather and you will not be throttled for using a significant amount of data.

Additionally, fixed-point wireless internet in rural areas is cheaper because installation is a breeze. You just need a receiver. No additional cables are necessary.

Lastly, fixed-point wireless internet has the added benefit of allowing streaming, gaming or working from home comfortably. Your data won’t be capped and your speeds will be reliable.

How Do I Get Fixed-Point Internet in Rural Arizona?

By now you might be seeing that fixed-point internet is the best internet option for rural areas in Arizona. It is truly becoming an option for many residents in rural areas of Arizona.

How do you get started? First, make a call to Phoenix Internet. Our customer service representatives can see if service is available in your area and get your service setup in just days.

The best part is that there are no bundles when starting service. Phoenix Internet only provides internet service. Our residential plans start at just $50/month for 25MBPs.

So what do other customers have to say about Phoenix Internet and fixed-point wireless technology? See for yourself:

“Good customer service and great tech support and installation. Clean, friendly and professional workers. No mess left behind. Even though we are 2 hours from Phoenix and down in Tonto Basin tech showed up when they said he would. Got the service we wanted and no pushy sales to upgrade for more money.” – Frederick

“Living in a county island we do not have many options for internet.  I tried Hughes Net before and it is really expensive and has data limits.  Phoenix Internet had quick installation.  The speed is wonderful!  Able to have multiple devices going at the same down with no slowdown on the downloading.” – Penny

Final Thoughts on The Best Internet for Rural Areas in Arizona

Hands down, Phoenix Internet provides the best internet for rural areas in Arizona. The fixed-point wireless technology brings fast, reliable speeds to the countryside. The prices are affordable and the service is second to none. Call today to see if your area is covered and start service now!