The monsoon season in Arizona is rough. In 2019, 2020 & 2021 it was especially so in hard-hit areas like Apache Junction and Mesa. But now in 2022 many communities, businesses, and residents in Apache Junction and Mesa made the choice to switch to Phoenix Internet for two very fundamental reasons:

  1. We provide Fast, Reliable Internet Service #WhereOthersDont
  2. Because we are the largest Hybrid Fiber-Wireless Network in Arizona, when other providers go down due to flooding and storms we stay online.
NBN Co confirms flooding kills FTTN nodes | Delimiter

DSL and Cable Infrastructure don’t work well underwater. (Source: Delimiter)

When it comes to who works and who doesn’t people have very long memories, reliability matters and so does responsiveness when outages do occur.

The communities and customers on the Phoenix Internet network stayed online and worked even with the worst the monsoon could dish out, the few outages that occurred were short in duration and repairs were rapid. Just check out these reviews from previous monsoon seasons and the winter storms in December.

Because our network of over sixty-tower sites reaches from Morristown to Payson and Fountain Hills to Queen Creek and is fed by fiber connections and wireless links to our Network Operations Center (NOC) at our headquarters in Phoenix (See Below) we are built to handle the toughest storms! We’ve been here since 1996 serving our fellow Arizonians with pride and we know this market better than anyone else in the business. We know that you need service that you can depend on from people who you can trust at a reasonable price. Our network is built out with new technology, on more tower sites with higher speeds now in most areas. We Are Ready For #Monsoon2022. And we’re ready to make sure that you’re ready. Can big Cable & DSL say the same? If you’d like to learn more about how our network works check out our video or give us a call at (602)234-0917. Click “Get Phoenix Internet” Below To Order your Installation Today.