When it comes to choosing a high-speed internet service in Phoenix, you may feel overwhelmed with options. By contrast, you might also feel limited with which companies can best serve your needs depending on where you live. The option for high speed internet that some people may not realize exists is the fixed point network that comes with Phoenix Internet. If you have not heard of a fixed point network, you are not alone. Learn more about that and how to get the best high-speed internet service in Phoenix right here.

What Does a Fixed Point Network Mean for High-Speed Internet?

Arizona residents choose Phoenix Internet for many reasons. One top reason is our fixed point network. What does a fixed point network mean for high-speed internet? It means that a tower is installed nearby your home to transmit the signal. Since this grid will be placed anywhere line-of-sight is available, it will produce a better signal than satellite. It also does not have the need for expensive cables to be buried beneath the ground. There will be no digging or trenching around your home.

A fixed point network for high-speed internet also comes with great benefits. First and foremost, it means internet can be fast, reliable and affordable for our rural customers.

Another advantage to a fixed point network is installation. Once a receiver is in your area, installation is quick for your home. You can start with service almost immediately.

Plus, the tower is owned and operated by Phoenix Internet solely. We maintain the tower and network. Everything is monitored 24/7 to guarantee consistent and reliable access to high-speed internet.

Is this sounding like a great option for your family? Check here to see if service is already set in your area. New towers are going up all the time.

How Does a Fixed Point Network Compare to Satellite for High-Speed Internet?

Many rural residents find themselves especially stuck between no internet or satellite. For satellite customers, they must rely on a low-orbit satellite to produce signals to the property. This approach oftentimes has huge troubles with reliability, speed and throttling. Additionally, satellite internet is often more expensive than a fixed point network.

When satellite internet was first introduced, it seemed like the wave of the future. However, it has come up with nothing but problems. First off, since the signal must travel to space and back, the information gets troubled with serious latency issues. As mentioned above, satellites can also be disturbed and delayed by weather. Lastly, and because of the limitations with satellite, you can expect to be flagged with data caps which ultimately limits your data usage.

With a fixed point network from Phoenix Internet, you will not be troubled by these instances like you would with satellite. In fact, you will not be throttled or restricted with data. You can enjoy 99.999% guaranteed uptime, speeds up to 20 Mbps – 50 Mbps with our standard business internet packages or customized packages with speeds ranging from 50 Mbps to 1Gbps.

How Much Does High Speed Internet Cost?

When it comes to Phoenix Internet, you can expect to save money when you make the switch. The residential plans start at just $50 with the options for upgrades. It gets even better! There are no bundles to deal with when you become a customer with Phoenix Internet. You just pay one flat rate for reliable, high-speed internet.

In addition to great pricing, you are also able to take home field advantage. What does this mean? It means that your entire team is local to the valley. Your installers, customer service representatives and more are all based right here in Phoenix. You have instant access to live, local help!

How Do I Get High Speed Internet to My Home?

Are you ready to make the switch and save? Opting for Phoenix Internet to provide your home with high-speed internet is simple. Just click here and choose qualify now. You can find out quickly if high-speed internet is in your area.

Final Thoughts on Getting the Best High-Speed Internet Service in Phoenix

It is easy to see why Phoenix Internet is the best for high-speed internet service in Phoenix, especially for those living in the more rural areas of town. Your access to internet can be installed quickly, the speed will be fast and the streaming will be unlimited. What is holding you back from signing up today?