It’s noon on a Monday, you’re hard at work, your kids are trying to get their last-minute assignments in and everything stops. You pick up your phone and there’s no data, no voice, no support. For the first time since probably the nineties, you turn on your TV to see what’s going on…

Your local news channel reports that every major cellular provider in the nation is experiencing massive outages. It’s the top trend on Social Media, which you’d know if you could get online… but you can’t. It sounds like a setup for a horror movie or a post-apocalyptic video game but no: that’s the news on July 15th, 2022.

For thousands of Arizonans reliance on 4G and 5G Hotspots or Cell Phones is a fact of life in rural areas, neighborhoods with old infrastructure, or our mountainous communities, all the places that big DSL and Cable just won’t serve. Today it became glaringly obvious that this needs to change. And Phoenix Internet is here for just that reason.

“I’ll just use my hotspot, thanks.” – An answer we hear all too often.

It’s hard for us to overstate that the biggest networks in the nation are often affected by small things half a country away. There are many benefits to working with an Arizona company, with its headquarters in Phoenix and whose technicians, support agents, and salespeople are your neighbors.

At Phoenix Internet we are your neighborhood’s Internet Service Provider, we live here, we work here, and all of our energy, time & investments are right here in Arizona. When networks go down (and they do sometimes even with 99.999% guaranteed up-time like ours) Would you rather talk to your neighbors who understand what you’re going through or wait in queue for a call-center agent in another city, maybe another country who has a few thousand in line behind you waiting to hear the same non-answers?

Our answer is that you need and deserve fast, reliable Internet access so we provide it #WhereOthersDont. Our answer is that you need local, well-trained support and installation technicians and sales associates who care about what you need and why you need it, not just how to get you into the most expensive plan possible.

Can you really depend on your cell service for your home or business’ Internet needs?

No. And that’s why we’re here.