Does the performance of your internet have you down? Today’s world is full of options for consuming content — YouTube, FaceTime, streaming radio and social media as well as content from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and more. The one common denominator is the need for heavy-duty internet access so you’re not constantly left waiting and annoyed while your video buffers. These are some of the key challenges with WiFi, which can be extremely convenient but also very fickle in terms of seamless and consistent delivery of content. Fortunately, these WiFi best practices will help you and your customers enjoy hours of lag-free content streaming.

Check the Distance to Your Router

If you’re noticing that your WiFi is slower than expected, you might need to physically shift closer to your router. Most routers are only good for approximately 100-150 feet, but the speed slows down the more you stretch that distance. If you’re unable to move closer to WiFi access points, it may be time to consider adding another WiFi router or a booster to provide better streaming coverage for your space.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Plan?

Just as with residential WiFi access, business WiFi comes in a variety of different speed options. If you did negotiate your business internet plan several years ago, you might be surprised to find that it’s no longer robust enough to support the needs of your business. If there aren’t higher options available for your plan, it may be time to look for alternative options for your business connectivity. Comcast recently noted that their customers are using an average of more than 200GB per month of their internet streaming allotment, up over 34% from 2018. When you multiply this time several staff members, it’s easy to see how connections could be slow!

Reduce the Possibility of WiFi Interference

Did you know that a range of small appliances such as microwaves, smart TVs, wireless speakers, cordless phones, LCD displays and other wireless routers could be scrambling WiFi signals before they make it to your device? Just as you might recall getting mixed signals when listening to the radio when stations are too close to each other on the dial, WiFi routers can also become a bit mixed up. There are a few options that can help reduce this type of latency, such as moving your computer closer to the WiFi source, turning off any Bluetooth devices that aren’t actively being used. You can also try switching to a 5GHz WiFi network instead of a 2.4GHz, as there tend to be fewer components using 5GHz to scramble the signals.

Quick Hit Tips to Improve WiFi Speeds:

  • Move physically closer to your WiFi router
  • Upgrade your internet connection
  • Reduce interference from small appliances

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