In today’s world, it’s hard to live without the internet, but sometimes, bad internet is just the same as having no internet at all. Are you considering upgrading your connection to a high-speed home internet solution? If so, here are four signs it might be time to take the plunge.

1. Your Internet Speed Test is Low

What is a good internet speed, you ask? Great question! Internet with 7 Mbps allows you to steam and surf the internet, accompanied by a minimum upload speed of 3 Mbps. One thing you really need is to making sure your service has low latency and no data caps or throttling. Phoenix Internet provides 99.999% uptime with no data restrictions!

2. You Can’t Game or Stream TV

If you’re experiencing a constant buffering when you try to game or watch streaming TV shows, chances are, your internet isn’t up to snuff. Streaming and gaming take a lot of internet power, which means any sub-standard service isn’t going to allow you to watch or play seamlessly. Instead, you’ll be stuck with your screen freezing and watching the endless circle goes around and around on your screen while you get more and more frustrated.

internet speed test, what is a good internet speed

3. Backups and Online Syncing are Slow or Failing

It’s important to backup your devices so you don’t lose the important data you have on your phone and computers; however, if your internet doesn’t have the power to muster through the backups, you’ll be left without a way for your information to make it into the cloud. This means if something happens to your devices, all of the photos, music, and other information you have stored on them could go up in a puff of smoke. It’s not worth possibly sacrificing the precious information you keep stored on your devices, so if it’s not making its way into the cloud, it’s time to upgrade to a level of internet that can handle your needs.

4. You’re Planning to Add More Online Subscriptions to Your Home

Do you live in a home where Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video are kings? If so, you’re probably taxing your internet connection. Assuming you’re able to make things work as they are right now, adding any additional streaming services or devices will immediately begin to bog down the setup you’re working with at the present moment. Sure, your current internet might be able to tackle a device or two, but if you have three or four devices streaming, gaming, and accessing the internet simultaneously, you’re going to need to beef up the power you send to cyberspace.

5. You Live for Smart-Home Devices

Are you the kind of person who needs your refrigerator to communicate with Amazon when the milk is running low? There are dozens of interesting smart-home devices these days, and each of them needs to connect to the internet as a means of transporting whatever information they hold to its final destination. If you’re a smart-home connoisseur, you need to make sure your speakers, light bulbs, thermostats, and whatever other devices have the power to do what they’re supposed to do by way of a great internet connection.

internet speed test, what is a good internet speed

6. You’re a Multi-Tasker

Maybe you like to have your tablet streaming a movie while your favorite Netflix show is on TV and you’re on your computer getting work done. It sounds exhausting, but many people perform their best work this way. If this is you, make sure you’ve got the kind of internet connection necessary to reinforce your multitasking needs.

At Phoenix Internet, we offer cable-free internet technology that enables our customers to achieve fast speeds so they can do anything they need (or want) to do online without interruption. Learn more about how Phoenix Internet works today!