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Ideal for 10+ devices
  • Best for Streaming on Multiple 4k devices
  • NO Data Caps or throttling
  • Best for Internet for gamers
  • Remote work and School


Ideal for 7+ devices
  • Great for Streaming on 4k devices
  • NO Data Caps or throttling
  • Low Latency or Internet for gamers
  • Remote work and School
  • Low Latency for Internet for gamers


Phoenix Internet Residential 100-200Mbps Order Form

Sorry, Service Unavailable

Thank you, for inquiring about Phoenix Internet service for your home. We regret to inform you that we do not have service available at your location yet. However, we are continually growing our network and hope to be in your neighborhood soon! Keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter or on PhoenixInternet.com to check availability in the future.

Apartment Complex Not Serviceable

Despite the obstacles Phoenix Internet is absolutely seeking to become YOUR Internet Service provider and we are equipped and ready to work with your Apartment complex’s management and/or ownership to bring our fast, reliable internet service to you.

If you’re interested in moving forward, here’s how you can help:

  • Find out who your Apartment Complex’s decision-maker is.
  • Is this an onsite or offsite manager?
  • Does the owner handle this directly?
  • Ask that person if your complex is interested in improving the internet service available. (The Odds are that if you’re asking, so are other tenants.)
  • Gather the contact information for the appropriate manager or owner and reply back to us with it by email or give us a call!
  • Provide them with this link to learn more about becoming a Phoenix Internet Community!

Bringing our service to an Apartment complex isn’t always immediate so we would ask your patience as we work with your complex’s team.

Good News!
Service is available for your apartment complex.
Call 602-234-0917 for pricing information.