If you’re a YouTuber, you need high-speed internet access. YouTube can require a tremendous amount of upload speed, depending on both the size and speed of your videos. Uploading to YouTube makes internet slower, so having high speed, reliable internet matters.

Good Internet for YouTube Uploading

To upload to YouTube, your internet must:

  • Have fast upload speeds. Many internet services are asynchronous: this means that their download speed is much faster than their upload speed. This is useful for things like streaming, but if you’re uploading large volumes of content you want a faster upload speed as well as a faster download speed.
  • Be reliable. If your internet service isn’t reliable, your downloads may stop in the middle. Your files could be corrupted and you could find yourself having to upload files again and again. When a YouTube upload internet cut out occurs, you often have to start the upload again from the beginning.

Good internet for youtube uploading

There are also special considerations for YouTubers who want to go live. YouTube’s platform has a live feature so that you can stream things on-the-go. If you’re streaming things live, though, you need very fast and reliable upload and download speeds — more so than if you’re just uploading.

The types of files you’re uploading also impacts your internet speeds. If you’re uploading high-resolution videos and longer videos, then you’re going to need faster internet. Your file sizes can go up exponentially based on the resolution of your video files. 1080P video is now standard for high-definition files, but 4K video does exist and is much larger.

Internet Speed for YouTube Uploads

Your internet speed controls how fast your uploads go. A large video file can take hours to upload if you’re on slow internet — but on faster internet services, it’ll only take a few minutes. The longer your upload speed is, the more likely you are to experience issues such as dropped connections and failed video uploads.

Once a video has been uploaded, it still has to process. This processing also takes time — so if you want to upload a lot of videos at once, you need faster internet speeds. If your internet speed is 25 Mbps, a 30 minute video is likely to upload at about 10 minutes. However, this can be rare on residential connections. If your internet speed is only 2.5 Mbps uploaded, then your upload take much longer.

The minimum requirement for the best internet speeds for YouTubers is 2 Mbps upload. However, if you can go up to 25 Mbps, you will be able to upload even faster — especially if you have longer videos. If your videos are over an hour long, 25 Mbps will be ideal.

Your download speed doesn’t matter when it comes to uploading videos, but it does matter when you’re reviewing videos. For the best online streaming, you will also want at least 25 Mbps of download speed. However, basic video streaming can be achieved with as low as 7 Mbps.

Uploading to youtube makes internet much slower

Key Takeaways

  • Your download speed controls how quickly you view videos while your upload speed controls how quickly you post videos.
  • A faster upload speed is necessary to upload YouTube videos quickly and to produce live streams.
  • The faster your upload speed, the more reliable your uploads will be.
  • That being said, uploading only really requires 2.0 Mbps, it will just be very slow.

Though there are some things you can do to improve your video uploading speed, you ultimately want to upgrade to fast internet services. An internet service that offers you at least 2 Mbps upload speed is ideal. This will ensure that you can upload your videos quickly and get them up for your followers! Consistent posting is the most important part of running a YouTube channel.

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