Consumer satisfaction with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) fell to an all-time low in 2018, according to a telecommunications report released by American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI). ISPs ranked with cable providers as among the worst industries. Searching for opinion articles on ISP performance brings up titles like “Why ISPs Suck” and “Most Hated ISPs.” There’s an apparent disconnect being felt by customers between what they were promised and the resulting service.

Phoenix Internet understands the various pain points experienced by both business and residential customers when it comes to their internet connection. We’ve gone out of our way to make sure the service we provide addresses those issues in the following ways. Find out why we are the best ISP in Phoenix.

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We Maintain Our Local Phoenix Network Personally

Most other local Phoenix ISP providers do not maintain their networks, typically relying on the infrastructure of larger ISPS. Since they may use a multitude of different ISPs, you often run into issues with traffic bogging down by traveling through various neighborhood hubs and equipment that has deteriorated over time.

Phoenix Internet builds, repairs, and maintains our network. That means we quickly respond when there are issues, since we have a real investment in making sure our network keeps running smoothly. Our company incorporates the latest generation technology in building our high-speed fiber and fixed-point wireless network. You get smoother traffic flow and avoid the traffic issues that accompany other local Phoenix ISPs.

We Provide Fast and Reliable Service

Phoenix Internet uses fixed-point wireless for internet communication. That means data is transmitted between fixed points (subscriber modules & access points), making our network capable of supporting higher data rates. You receive faster connections, quicker downloads, and unlimited data usage. No more worries about trying to stay below a set data cap each month to avoid facing additional fees.

We Provide Live Customer Support

Are you tired of calling into customer support lines and being put on long holds as you wait in vain to speak with someone about your lost internet connection? Phoenix Internet strives to go above and beyond by making sure there are live technicians available with 24/7-line outage coverage. We also send someone out directly to you when an issue requires on-hand support. No more waiting a week or two for someone to resolve your network problems.

We Provide Better Service Availability

Many local ISPs still utilize old cable lines and other equipment that has not been updated in years. That is why you may frequently experience outages and other issues when you need your internet connection the most. Our company also provides business customers with Service Level Agreement (SLA), showing our commitment to providing the highest available data speeds and 99.999% uptime, our residential & community customers benefit from faster response times and higher dependability as well.

You can eliminate the aggravation of losing your connection when you have an important document to deliver on a deadline. Rural areas can also enjoy the same speed and availability as their urban counterparts.

We Provide Fast Installation

We can get you going in a matter of days, not weeks. Our sales team evaluates your site, customizes the set-up and finds a plan that matches your needs. Our experienced technicians then ensure that the quality of your connection meets our high standards. That includes making recommendations about the right type of router to use. So whether you need the best ISP for gaming, streaming or working, we’ve got you covered.

We Easily Accommodate Speed Upgrades

Phoenix Internet makes sure that you have the speed available when you need it. You could be expanding your business, or simply need more bandwidth to accommodate an event you are hosting. We get the job done within 24 hours, usually on the same day as your initial request.


  • We use the latest technology in building our wireless fixed-point network
  • You won’t have to wait on hold forever to reach a technician for help
  • We get you set up quickly without having to wait weeks for service
  • You can have your speed requests completed on the same day you make your first request

Find out more about Phoenix Internet, one of the best ISP options in Phoenix, by contacting us at (602) 234-0917 and find out more about the type of packages we offer.