Phoenix, AZ- Due to a huge increase in demand for our services in Wittmann, Waddell, Surprise, El Mirage, Peoria & Glendale: Phoenix Internet is experiencing some network congestion during our peak hours (typically evenings between 7PM-11PM). The scope of this issue became apparent this past weekend (Sep 28-30) and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Our Engineering & Support teams have escalated their response to this situation and are moving up previously scheduled network and capacity upgrades to meet and exceed the needs of this enormous influx of new customers. This tells us that our message is getting through, that Arizonans are sick and tired of a two (or less) choice system that is oblivious to the needs of our communities and favors only the most densely populated and profitable areas.  You have answered us, and that answer is yes, you want a REAL choice.

Other providers are unwilling to address these needs unless they can subsidize their expansion with Tax-payer dollars, not Phoenix Internet. We are doubling-down on our commitment to provide fast, reliable Internet #WhereOthersDont through our own investment and ingenuity and are counting on the customers of the greater Phoenix area to see that the difference is clear between a local, Arizona grown firm committed Arizona’s needs and huge out of state corporations who can only see the immediate bottom line.

We have heard you, and help is coming. In the coming weeks, we will be adding additional links to serve the Northwest Valley and relieve the congestion our customers are currently experiencing. Long-term capacity upgrades will follow through the end of 2018 to ensure that we stay ahead of our customer’s Internet needs and are equipped to provide the very best service to the Valley for years to come. We thank you for your patience & continued patronage. Someone has to rise up against the rigged Internet Service Provider game and do it better; we are committed to being that company, now and always. Thank you for helping us.

Source: https://www.phoenixinternet.com/centurylinks-priorities-clear-better-socioeconomic-demographics-not-rural-arizona/