After a being sidelined by a riding injury in July, Tidball rides again!

Morristown, AZ- On July 17th while training at Fellowship of Christina Athletes Camp Phoenix Internet Racing’s Noah Tidball suffered serious injury to his pelvis, fracturing it in three places. Noah described his injury for us:

I was training kids to ride off road like I do. After training was over they wanted to ride the motocross track so I took them over to ride, the track was getting a little rough. I hit a table top jump and the lip was rough and it kicked my rear end up. I tried to save it but when I came down I hit a rut with my front wheel and it flipped me over and the bike landed on me breaking me pelvis in 3 places.“

The extent of his injury prevented Noah from competing in Round 11 of the Arizona Motorcycle Riders Associate Championship Season (The Honey Badger Sprint Enduro in Flagstaff). He explained:

“I was out for 10-12 weeks per the Doctor. I was in a wheel chair for about 2 weeks unable to put any pressure on my legs. I moved on to crutches for another 2 weeks and then to walking with minimal activity. We followed up with the doctor at 6 weeks and they were impressed with the recovery and cleared me to get back to regular activities including riding. I missed a race due to my injury but I am ready to get back to the next race on November 9th in Oracle. I have been out practicing on my enduro track, riding with friends, working out trying to get back to my pre-accident fitness.”

From what we can see on his Instagram it appears that Noah is back and ready to ride. We can’t wait to watch him continue to rack up the wins. Enduro-cross is about endurance after all and through his perseverance Noah has shown just what he and Phoenix Internet are all about: getting back up and running more quickly than anyone could expect. 

From Noah Tidball’s Instagram a sneak peek at his training!