Customers in rural areas want high-speed internet access just as much as those in urban centers. However, that has proven difficult over the years, since more rural areas do not have the condensed volume of people necessary for an ISP to justify spending large expenditures creating coverage in those rural areas. After the years of dial-up, companies were able to offer wired access and later Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) through cable or fiber networks. Then Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) was also added to the mix. While these systems on their own have their individual benefits and drawbacks, combining them to offer a hybrid fiber wireless ISP has been able to bring internet to areas previously left unserved.

A hybrid fiber wireless ISP like Phoenix Internet utilizes aspects of both systems to offer some distinct advantages to customers. We combine fiber ISP and wireless ISP techniques to deliver fast, reliable internet access to rural customers in areas that other internet providers simply cannot reach.

Phoenix Internet – Hybrid Fiber Wireless

Wireless networks and fiber networks each have their own advantages over the other. For example, fiber networks can often provide higher bandwidth for faster speed and bigger data transfers. Wireless networks can be deployed faster, offer a quicker return on investment (ROI) for ISPs, and provide a bigger footprint for customers to access service.

When an ISP relies on fiber alone, there’s an obvious obstacle to providing rural internet access: You need to string cable to the access area — lots of it. Many rural communities across the country have discovered that a hybrid fiber wireless network is a great option to provide rural internet access. An ISP would require a lot of investment capital to build a fiber network into a rural area. Plus, it takes a lot of time to build the infrastructure. It could take years of construction and spending before they’re able to sign up their first customer. This is why there are still a number of rural areas in America where satellite and dial-up internet are still the only options available.

A fiber ISP simply cannot reach certain areas, due to extremely high construction costs, right of way issues, local obstructions in neighborhoods, or even restrictions from Home Owners Associations (HOAs). From the very first days when Phoenix Internet was launched as a company, we knew that providing a hybrid fiber wireless ISP would give us the ability to provide reliable, high-speed internet access to businesses and residents in underserved areas.

The Best ISP in Phoenix AZ 

When people hear that Phoenix Internet provides rural internet access for residents and businesses, the first question they ask is whether we are a satellite internet provider, and then they ask what our data caps are. We are not a satellite internet provider and we offer unlimited internet access. The fixed-point wireless technology that Phoenix Internet utilizes has allowed us to build the largest service coverage area of any ISP in the Phoenix area for high-speed, unlimited internet access.

Phoenix can send a team to your location, develop a customized plan for installing high-speed internet for your business or residential needs, and have you online in a matter of days. We even have coverage areas deep in the Tonto National Forest to the northeast of Phoenix. We built and maintain our own network with high-speed fiber and fixed-point wireless, so you’ll always have reliable coverage — even if you’re “way out in the country” because we provide service #WhereOthersDont!

Phoenix Internet – A Better Way to Do Internet

  • Wireless and fiber ISP each have their own advantages
  • Hybrid fiber wireless ISP provides the best of both worlds
  • Phoenix Internet’s hybrid ISP provides high-speed, reliable access in areas other companies cannot reach

If you’re still skeptical about whether Phoenix Internet can provide fast, unlimited access to your rural business, call us today at 602-234-0917 and let us surprise you.