Meet The Phoenix Internet Team: Mark S. - Phoenix Internet

Mark S. is Phoenix Internet’s Network Engineer. We sat down with Mark to learn a bit more about what he brings to Phoenix Internet:

When did you start with Phoenix Internet?

 “2015, I hit five years in May.”

Tell us a little about what you do here at Phoenix Internet 

“I monitor maintain and help implement our RF (Radio Frequency) and network systems.”

What does that entail?

“Making sure problems are getting resolved. Identifying network problems and resolving them. This ranges from hardware and software issues in our radios and routers to inventorying equipment. I make sure that we have the proper equipment and supplies available to our techs to make any repairs or upgrades that are needed. I also support our installers and support staff with escalated troubleshooting and technical problems.”

You mentioned you used to lead our support team and helped build them up, tell us a bit more about that.

“I created a lot of the training documentation that we currently use and hired many of the support staff. I also created and helped to implement many of our call center procedures. I led the support team from 2018 to late 2019 so almost two years.”

You support our whole network 24/7 as our on-call Network Engineer, what’s the most dramatic story you have about supporting the network after-hours?

“We had an emergency outage at a tower near my home and I had to run down there on a Saturday and climb the tower which is on a sixty foot tall silo with our Vice President, it was extremely hot but we got the job done.”

So during that time you’ve had a ton of experience troubleshooting and working with our customers, what are the most common pieces of advise you would give customers with an issue?

“Many times when a customer contacts us with an issue, it’s usually several problems that have compounded into the current situation. So there may be several steps needed to get to a resolution. Always check another device before you start to worry about your internet connection, computers and smart devices can have a lot of gremlins! But certainly contact us when the problems first start so that we can work on it promptly before several issues build up.”

What do you do outside of Phoenix Internet?

“I’m a big nerd, I play computer and video games and other geeky activities, like dungeons and dragons. And I love fine food, I know where to get the GOODS especially baked goods!”

How does what you do every day impact the customer?

“My goal is to enhance the end user experience through building a more robust network. I work a lot with the support team. I previously supervised support and helped build up that team. I’m mostly a project manager, I spend a lot of my time making follow-up calls to ensure that upgrades and repairs are taking place as they should. Most of our business customers who have engineered connections will speak to me in the course of their installation.”

Mark brings his years of experience battling gremlins and his steadfast readiness to work everyday for our customers. If you aren’t a Phoenix Internet customer yet than click below to sign up today and put our team to work for you!