Carlos L. is Phoenix Internet’s Field Technician Liaison. Carlos joined the Phoenix Internet team when we acquired Wydebeam Broadband in 2014. 

We sat down with Carlos to learn a bit more about what he brings to Phoenix Internet:

When did you start with Wydebeam before Phoenix Internet?

 “In probably around… 2000”

Tell us a little about what you do here at Phoenix Internet 

“Currently I’m the Field Technician Liaison; I assist our field technicians in completing their daily tasks. Getting installations started, getting IP’s routed, and I make sure everything goes to plan and up to par for our company’s standards, making sure the installations are all completed in a timely manner and on-time.”

What does that entail?

“We make sure that the signal strength that the technician puts up is within company standards and provides customers with the service they are paying for, that we’re providing them, making sure that we have the right equipment for the job. We have multiple towers in multiple locations with different pieces of equipment that work in different ways and perform better in certain circumstances, so I make sure they use the right equipment for that installation for the particular job. I also make sure that after the installation is done, I review pictures that they send in to make sure that the job is standardized, that all of our technicians are installing the same way, every time.”

How many years were you in the field?

“I was in the field probably 8 years with Wydebeam originally, then I came inside for about a year and a half, there was a transition period when the company was transitioning owners, then I went back out into the field prior to Phoenix Internet acquiring Wydebeam for about a year and a half”.

So you’ve been in a leadership role with the company for years, you spent 8 years in the field, came inside and spent another 4 back out in the field?

“I’ve been here (with Phoenix Internet) since 2014 and the last two years I’ve been inside now, so I was outside for… I’ve done a little bit of it all. I’ve done installation of towers for Phoenix Internet and Wydebeam, so I’ve touched a little bit of everything.”

What do you do outside of Phoenix Internet?

“I love cycling. I started cycling about 8 years ago and I caught the bug and love it to death.”

Have you done any big races?

“The longest ride I’ve done so far is, I did the Tour de Scottsdale a few years ago, I did the long route. I believe that was 62 miles. And I’m headed to Palm Springs here in a few weeks to do a short 50 mile ride and my ultimate goal this year is to do a metric century ride which is about 102 miles.”

How does what you do every day impact the customer?

“I see it all from installs to service; ultimately I make sure that customers have their services up and working. It all comes through; most of it comes through my desk at some point in time, whether it’s an install or whether we send out a technician out to do a service call. I make sure that they can either get them up and working to satisfaction or make the decision that we have to take it down because we cannot provide the customer adequate service.”