The rural way of living is extremely appealing as families look for ways to return to their roots and simplify their existence. Building a tiny house is a fun adventure that couples and families alike are undertaking as a way to escape their hectic everyday life, but there are challenges in having a tiny house far beyond the obvious. Whether you decide to build your own tiny home or purchase a pre-built masterpiece, one thing is certain, getting access to the internet in the country might be more difficult than you expected!

Modern Minimalism

The tiny home trend has grown alongside minimalism. People are tired of feeling tied down by materialistic things and want a closer connection to the planet by lessening their carbon footprint. However, when embracing the tiny home movement you do not have to leave all modern luxuries behind. One of the big challenges of tiny house living is in finding internet options that will also work in rural areas. Historically, satellite and cable internet were the primary options available outside the confines of larger cities. In especially rural areas, these large companies see no benefit of setting up an infrastructure to support their internet service. With new options such as fixed-point internet, consumers have greater rural internet options than ever before making the dream of building your own tiny home in rural Phoenix more realistic than ever before.

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Working From Your Tiny House

If you are one of the millions of Americans joining the growing trend of working from home, a trusted internet connection may be the “make or break” decision about whether or not working from home will . . . well, work. There’s been a 44% increase in Americans working from home, many citing long commute times as a reason for their decisions. One of the downsides of living in a more rural setting is finding that your commute continues to grow, taking up a greater portion of your time every day. Protecting this time for yourself and your family has driven people to look for more flexible alternatives to a 9-to-5 job that requires commuting several hours each day to a remote job location. Finding ways to work from home even a few days per week can have a significant and positive impact on your health, anxiety levels and work-life balance, but this isn’t possible without a stable internet connection for your home.


Tiny houses are all the rage as people start to adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Get the most enjoyment out of your tiny home with high-speed internet that’s available in even the most rural areas around Phoenix.

  • Residential internet in rural areas doesn’t have to be slow and unreliable.
  • You can get internet speeds up to 25 Mbps from Phoenix Internet.
  • Households in rural areas are 13% less likely to have access to high-speed internet.
  • Having access to high-speed internet in your tiny house opens a big world of possibilities.

Fortunately, there’s no need to give up on the idea of high-speed internet access even while enjoying your tiny house in the Phoenix area. With Phoenix Internet, you gain access to service that is more reliable than satellite and provides exceptional connections without the need for bundling with other services. Learn more about how you can get cable-free internet in any size home when you contact Phoenix Internet today by calling 602-234-0917 or via email to sales@phoenixinternet.com.