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We offer high-speed Internet service to your neighborhood with Internet speeds that are 5x faster than CenturyLink!


Satellite latency imposes a huge performance penalty on two-way interactive applications.


Phoenix Internet has straight-forward pricing, no bundles. CenturyLink requires bundled packages, increasing cost.


What separates us from our other internet service providers in Phoenix is our network. Our network is built, owned, and maintained by us. We leverage the latest generation technology in building our state-of-the-art, high-speed fiber and fixed-point wireless network.

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reliable and fast

Phoenix Internet uses state-of-the-art technology so you know your connection will stay up. Our service is backed by an industry leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) to ensure customers receive the highest available data speeds and 99.99% uptime.

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customer support

Tired of waiting on hold to tell the phone or cable company that your Internet connection is down? With Phoenix Internet, a live technician is always available to assist you. If a problem needs to be corrected on-site, a technician is dispatched.

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service availability

Our fixed-point wireless technology allows us to provide non satellite internet for rural areas. We don’t rely on existing cable or telephone wiring which can be old, in poor condition, or completely non-existent.

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fast installation

We can have your Internet up and running in a matter of days, avoiding the lengthy delays experienced from other high speed internet providers. Our local team will come to your site to evaluate your needs and customize a plan.

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speed upgrades

Is your company growing? Is there a special event or are you hosting a conference? Unlike traditional wired services Phoenix Internet is able to process a speed upgrade within 24 hours, usually the same day.

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