With Netflix taking over TV and everything from refrigerators to your home thermostat powered by electricity and WiFi, it’s particularly challenging when your internet access is spotty or inconsistent. Are there certain areas of your home where you’re simply not able to get access to WiFi, or your connection blips on a regular basis? This is often caused by underpowered WiFi and it’s a big issue for today’s busy families. When you consider how streaming changed TV, you can amplify that effect throughout the home with smart devices in each room and any number of connected items. Here are a few of the neatest new devices that your home WiFi will need to power in the future.

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Entertainment Options Are Changing

The majority of new televisions are being sold with WiFi-enabled, a testament to how Netflix is changing the TV industry along with other streaming services. These TVs may come with direct Roku access, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix — where you used to need a separate plug-in device. This shows the interest of the American public to move to a more connected way of living, which would be impossible without fast home WiFi access.

Connected Home Communication

Do you have a Google Home or Amazon Alexa in each room of your home? Many families are moving in this direction because it allows you to seamlessly stream content and communicate actively with family members and your platform of choice. Voice-activated, these devices allow you to do a variety of activities completely hands-free:

  • Search the internet
  • Look up translations for words
  • Set timers
  • Perform math calculations
  • Add to your grocery list
  • Make phone calls
  • Get the news
  • Communicate in different languages
  • Turn lights on or off

This is only the beginning of all the amazing home-management tasks that connected devices can handle.

how netflix is changing the tv industry, how streaming changed tv, impact of online streaming on tv, netflix taking over tv

Keep Floors Clean and Shiny

Did you know that there are a variety of robotic vacuum cleaners and even hard-floor cleaners that can be programmed to start via your home’s WiFi? If vacuuming and cleaning your floors isn’t your favorite task, add these robotic marvels to your holiday shopping list to keep your home clean and shiny.

Smart Doorbells Offer Added Protection

If you have ever suspected that someone has “borrowed” delivered packages from your front porch, what better way to verify than having a fully-connected doorbell system? There is a range of WiFi-connected doorbells and video surveillance systems that allow you to stream video directly from your home interior or exterior to your phone.

Reduce Energy Bills and Stay Comfortable at Home

Connected thermometers allow you to pre-program certain times of the day or night that you want to reduce the temperature or limit the use of energy to keep your heating and cooling bills in line. With WiFi-connected thermometers, you can tell your home to warm up a few degrees an hour or so before you get there — so you can keep the heat down during the day when no one is home.


Your home devices are more powerful than ever before, but they run on more than electricity! Fast WiFi is a requirement for getting the most from your connected devices.

  • Stay connected with Alexa, Google Home and other devices.
  • Enjoy your favorite streaming television, such as Netflix, the new Disney +, Hulu, Apple TV and more.
  • Robotic computers and hard floor cleaners are a huge time-saver for busy families.
  • Protect your home and investments with automated doorbells and video surveillance equipment.
  • Save money and keep your home comfortable with WiFi-enabled thermostats.

Keep your home devices running smoothly and don’t feel a decline in your entertainment with the impact of online streaming on TV. Without fast, reliable internet access you might as well be in the dark ages as you’ll be missing out on all the advanced programming and functionality that you can get from your home devices. At Phoenix Internet, we provide the best WiFi access for remote homes, at affordable prices that you will appreciate. Contact us today at 602-234-0917 or learn more about our fast WiFi access online.