High Speed Internet Without Bundles

No More Bundling

Bundling your Internet with your Phone and Television is a scam, plain and simple. Don’t do It!

No Bundles, No Price Games
That means our prices don’t jump up after 12 months. Your pricing will stay predictable with no hidden taxes and fees.
Online Streaming
Why pay for hundreds of channels of content you don’t watch when you can use streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube?
Online Gaming
Our Internet speeds are perfect for online gaming and gaming consoles. With little to no latency your online experience will be fast and responsive.
Why Pay For A Landline?
This isn’t the 90s. The vast majority of households no longer need a land line phone. So why?

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How Phoenix Internet Works

How Bundled Services Work

(They Don’t, Bundles Are Terrible)

Bundles Don’t Save You Money, stop bundling and switch to Phoenix Internet!

  • Why are you paying for a landline phone? According to AARP in 2017 more than half of American homes (52.5%) had wireless only service!
  • Why pay for 200 channels you don’t watch? According to Nielsen “Adults in the US receive 206 television channels, on average, but watch only 20”. With streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime & YouTube you can choose the content you enjoy and save every month!
  • Bundles are great until they aren’t. Bundles typically have strings attached, even “ Price for life” offers! When you make changes: you lose your bundle, if you miss a bill: you lose your bundle. If a better bundle comes along and you already have service: you can’t have it!

Phoenix Internet has said NO to bundling, it’s not for us, and our customers have made it clear: They are tired of the bundling game,. If you are too, order Phoenix Internet today!