It’s hard to believe that there are still some communities in the US where residents do not have access to reliable, high-speed internet. High-speed access is not a luxury in this country by any stretch of the imagination. For many, it is a necessity. One type of community that has traditionally been underserved when it comes to internet access is mobile home parks. But thanks to the way that Phoenix Internet does business, mobile home communities no longer have to rely on satellite internet or dial up.

WiFi in mobile home parks

Difficulties Installing Internet in Mobile Home Communities

Part of the reason why mobile home parks lag behind when it comes to high-speed internet has to do with the way these communities are structured. The residents own their physical homes, but the mobile home park owns the land where those homes are situated. The park owner may not want to invest in the infrastructure needed for traditional high-speed internet. Likewise, the typical cable internet provider may see it as too expensive to install cable infrastructure for the low number of residents in a mobile home park. As a consequence, these communities are often left with the unattractive options of satellite internet or a wi-fi hotspot from a phone company — both of which have slow signals, data caps and other issues.

Phoenix Internet’s Fixed Wireless Network

Phoenix Internet has the largest internet coverage map of any provider in Arizona, because we have figured out a better way to provide internet access to consumers. We run a fixed wireless network, which allows us to reach customers in remote or underserved areas, including mobile home communities.

Rather than relying on a cable or copper wire relay to communicate between locations, a fixed wireless network uses point-to-point signal transmission over a microwave platform. By sending internet communications signals from one existing tower to another, we are able to provide internet access without installing miles and miles of cables, without relying on satellite feeds, and without taking up space on local telephone networks. And because this fixed wireless system works so much better than other delivery methods, Phoenix Internet provides high-speed wireless internet without data caps, latency or lag time.

Benefits of High-Speed Internet Access for Mobile Home Parks

Since Phoenix Internet does not require a major infrastructure project to install internet service in a new area, we can custom design and install internet service at mobile home communities, as well as RV parks, apartment homes, special event venues and other areas at no cost. The end result is a cable-free network that any resident in a mobile home community can have access to. This can be on an individual basis for each mobile home residence, or on a shared plan for the entire community.

For mobile home parks, Phoenix Internet can even offer an added level of security for residents. We can include a system of cameras throughout the community to deter theft or trespassing, and to give residents increased peace of mind. Every resident can also enjoy an increased quality of life, through the same level of high-speed internet access that Americans enjoy in urban areas.

  • Mobile home parks and communities are underserved when it comes to internet access
  • Phoenix Internet can reach underserved communities like mobile home parks with high-speed internet
  • Increase your resident’s quality of life and satisfaction with Phoenix Internet

Because of our unique fixed wireless network in Arizona, Phoenix Internet is able to provide high-speed internet with no data caps, no lag time and no latency. We’re very proud of our guaranteed 99.999% uptime that we offer to consumers, even in remote areas of Arizona. Call us today at 602-234-0917 to learn more about how Phoenix Internet can bring your mobile home park high-speed wireless internet access.