It may sound unbelievable but even in 2020, high-speed internet is still a challenge for rural businesses. Traditional Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can’t justify stringing cable infrastructure to rural locations due to the expense. This is especially the case when the service will only be utilized by a very small customer base in comparison to urban areas. In these instances, the benefit for the traditional ISP company doesn’t justify the cost. Fortunately, Phoenix Internet’s fixed wireless network does not rely on that type of infrastructure, so we’re able to deliver high-speed internet to rural businesses and homes at a minimal cost. If you are a rural business owner, learn below how switching to a faster internet provider can boost productivity for your business, in turn increasing profits. 

Greater Versatility

Slow internet speeds simply limit the number of possible applications and services that a business could otherwise provide. For example, without high speed internet, a business is unable to hold video conference calls with vendors or suppliers in another state or country, use VOIP services, transfer large files or use cloud services. It is like being blocked from the ability to participate in the full range of business opportunities that a strong internet connection provides.

Business Expansion

Many rural businesses can expand and increase profits if they have access to high-speed internet. For many rural businesses, their customer base may not be limited to a rural area, but the lack of high-speed internet prevents them from reaching those potential customers. Having a high-speed connection gives businesses the option to build a website and offer products and services to a much broader customer base, far beyond the boundaries of their rural community.

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Increased Worker Productivity

For many rural businesses, daily internet use is required for their employees. A slow internet connection, which may even have data caps for customers, slows down productivity drastically. Any business task that requires an internet connection can make business productivity slow to a crawl. It may seem like only a few seconds or minutes are lost when an employee has to send an email or provide customer service, but that lost productivity adds up over the course of every work day.

Better Security

Most businesses rely on credit card transactions and will benefit from the added security that a faster internet connection delivers. High-speed internet is more difficult to hack and can process credit card claims much more swiftly than a slow internet connection. The loss of sensitive customer data and business data is less likely with a secure, high-speed connection.

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Better Customer Service

High-speed internet is considered a “must-have” for many customers in this day and age. They want their purchases to be processed quickly and want the ability to use high-speed internet while they are frequenting a business, even when that business is in a rural location. Providing access to high-speed internet on-site creates a more pleasant experience for customers — and happy customers, in turn, translate into happier employees for your business. It becomes a win-win for business owners because customers are left with a better impression of your business and tourists with life in a rural community, once they realize that high-speed internet is available.

Contact Phoenix Internet for High-Speed Rural Access

  • High-speed internet offers rural businesses expansion opportunities
  • Better internet means better security with faster credit card processing
  • More productive employees = happy, returning customers 
  • Greater versatility of business applications available with higher speeds

While other ISPs struggle to try to provide service in rural areas, Phoenix Internet offers high-speed internet access at affordable rates and without any data caps. If you’d like to see how Phoenix Internet can serve your rural business, reach out to us today to learn more!