For years, people have seen Wi-Fi in largely the exact same way: as a simple option to get your laptop or desktop computer onto the Internet without running a long Ethernet cable all over your home.

Then came the advent of “smart” television sets, along with other streaming media devices like Apple TVs and Amazon Fire Sticks, that depended on the presence of Wi-Fi to function. But the usefulness of Wi-Fi isn’t simply limited to how conveniently we receive our entertainment. Far from it.


In fact, there are a wide range of different ways that you can use Wi-Fi around your home to improve your life right now. All they require is for you to keep a few key things in mind.

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Home Security

One of the many things the modern day Wi-Fi system is perfect for is dramatically increasing the safety and security of your home. Everything from wireless indoor/outdoor security cameras to remote entry and other monitoring tools (like movement or occupancy sensors) require Wi-Fi to allow all these elements to function together instead of as individuals.

Smart Thermostats

That same concept extends into the world of smart thermostats – devices that are far more useful than they may first appear. Smart thermostats use Wi-Fi to collect information about not only when you’re home but also what you’re doing and where you are while you’re there. Then, they automatically regulate the temperature – saving you money on utilities AND increasing your convenience.

Home Automation

This concept extends further into the idea of home automation in general. When all of these different “smart items” are connected together, you can automate huge portions of your house to meet your ever need. You could have your smart lights automatically come on when you walk into a room, or have your smart security cameras automatically start recording whenever someone rings your smart doorbell after a certain time of day! Convenience is everything nowadays, and automation in your home can save you time and money.

how to get wifi at home without cable, how to install wifi at home, how to extend wifi range with another router, how to extend wifi range outside

Whole Home Networking

If you install a Wi-Fi repeater or even a second router, you could dramatically expand your network’s coverage beyond what a single piece of equipment can accomplish on its own. At that point, you’ll be able to do more than just check your email while sitting in the backyard on your iPad. You can embrace smart home technology out there, too, by way of smart light strips and other types of fixtures.

Restock Your Refrigerators

Yes, it’s true – smart homes have become so sophisticated that even our normal, everyday appliances are getting in on the action. Samsung recently released a new refrigerator that has a large touchscreen integrated right into the door. When you connect your payment information and input your settings, it can actually order certain types of fresh groceries for you whenever it has detected that you’re out.

But without Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home, it’s just a regular old appliance once again. This incredible fridge has a wide range of different features – but an ethernet input is not among them.

Key Takeaways

  • Gone are the days when Wi-Fi was used exclusively to provide Internet access to your desktop or laptop computer.
  • These days, you can make Wi-Fi the centerpiece of your smart home. You can use it for smart thermostats, for remote entry and monitoring and more.
  • You can even use equipment like range extenders to create “whole home networking,” guaranteeing perfect coverage both inside the home and out.

If you’d like to find out more information about the many different ways that you can use Wi-Fi within your home, or if you’d just like to make sure that your own Internet connection is ready for the impending smart home revolution, please don’t delay – contact Phoenix Internet today.