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Internet Service Provider in Wittmann, AZ

Wittman is a small census-designated community located in Maricopa County in Arizona. This small town is located along the US Route 60 in what can be described as the central part of the larger Phoenix area, approximately 35 miles northwest of Phoenix. As of the 2010 census, Wittman has a population of 6,700 people. This small town has a rich history, and it even has a variant name; Nadaburg. Its present name was the official name of a senior government employee, Joseph Wittman, who falsely promised to build a bigger dam in the area that could benefit all the residents.

High Speed Interenet in Wittmann, AZ

The town was initially known as Nadaburg which is a combination of two names; the Spanish word “Nada” which translates to “Nothing” and the German phrase “burg” which translates to “town.” The contractor who was in charge of the building of the famous Southern Transcontinental Rail line named the place Nadaburg long before the town was formally opened to natives in 1916. To some people, Wittman is still known as Nadaburg.

Apart from the rich history, the community serves as home to schools, industries, and business hence the need for high-speed, reliable, and affordable internet service. As the leading internet providers in Wittman AZ, Phoenix Internet is committed to ensuring that the local community remains connected all the time. Our internet services cover all the four corners of the Wittman community, and we allow businesses in the city to solve their today’s challenges and pursue greater opportunities.

For many years, we have been the link between business startups in Wittman AZ and success. We focus on businesses so that they can focus on what matters most to them. With our experienced experts and many years of experience, we have always ensured that you experience minimum or zero downtimes.

Apart from empowering businesses and helping them stay connected, we also offer residential internet services to homeowners in Wittman. We provide high-speed and affordable residential internet services here as we do all over the rest of Phoenix. Our home internet packages range from 7mb/s to 15mb/s (with 25mb/s coming soon) and clients are free to select their preferred package that suits their unique needs and falls within their budget. We are here to ensure that Wittman’s strong economy keeps humming along.

Driving from Wittman to Phoenix, Arizona will take you approximately 50 minutes if you are using the US Route 60. The distance between the two locations is about 35 miles. You can also choose to have a stopover at Avondale, and that should prolong your journey by approximately ten minutes. This means that your whole trip should take about one hour.