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Internet Service Provider in EI Mirage, AZ

Located approximately ten miles northwest of downtown Phoenix and a few minutes away from Luke Airforce Base (LAB), EL Mirage is considered as the getaway to the Northwest Valley of the Great Phoenix Area. From what started as a small settlement area in 1951, El Mirage has grown over the years into a diverse urban economy that boasts of a population of approximately 33,000 people. The city’s primary mission is to offer exemplary service and conducive living and working conditions for anyone who lives, works, or visits EL Mirage. The city is also part of the collaborative effort to build the Northern Parkway transportation corridor.

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One of the notable attractions in El Mirage is the iconic El Mirage Agua Fria River Bridge that was built in early 1895. The city also prides itself in its small-town feel that provides easy access to almost all the attractions and amenities of the larger metropolitan Phoenix. The city also makes an excellent base camp for your outdoor adventures. Being a business hub, EL Mirage requires a high-speed internet connection to ensure that it attracts more investors to enhance the living conditions of its residents.

Being one of the leading internet service providers in El Mirage, AZ, and Phoenix Internet ensures that all the local businesses, firms, industries, and even homes have fast and reliable internet with no downtimes. Our comprehensive business coverage map for the high-speed and reliable internet connection in this city features every part of town. Our many years of experience in providing internet service in El Mirage AZ has helped us to serve the local community and business efficiently and reliably. We don’t have any trouble in keeping the local businesses connected throughout the year.

Our high-speed internet connection doesn’t focus on businesses alone. We also ensure that all homes in El Mirage AZ stay connected throughout the year. Our residential internet service offers affordable and high-speed internet connection to homes in El Mirage. Our residential clients can choose from speeds of 7mb/s up to 15mb/s depending on their service needs and budget. Speeds up to 25 mb/s will be available soon! Thanks to our commitment and hard work, El Mirage is a connected community.

Driving from EL Mirage to Phoenix Internet location is quite easy since the two sites are barely 10 miles apart. Your trip will take approximately 35 minutes if you are driving non-stop. However, if you start at EL Mirage, you can to have a stopover at Glendale which is about 20 km away before you proceed to Phoenix. With a short stop at Glendale, your journey should take you approximately 40 minutes.