Fixed-point internet is a better internet solution for a variety of customers. Property managers are one group of customers that can find fixed-point internet to be especially beneficial. Fixed-point internet can make the company’s rental properties more attractive to renters, without having a different ISP poking around in the walls of the properties every year when new renters move in. Let’s take a closer look at several ways that property managers can benefit from fixed-point internet.


It’s Attractive to Renters

Imagine renters moving to your area and asking you, as the property manager, what internet service providers are available because they’re planning to get internet service hooked up as quickly as possible. Your response to them is, “The property already has high-speed internet. It’s included in the price of the rent.” That can be an extremely attractive perk for potential renters, which in turn makes them more eager to rent a property from you.

If internet service is already supplied to the property — thanks to a single fixed-point receiver attached to the outside of the home — then the renter doesn’t have to deal with calling a traditional cable company and waiting days or even weeks to have a technician come by to set up their service. With the monthly internet service fee included in their rent, that’s one less utility bill the renter has to worry about. Since many rental properties only tend to go “off the market” for two to four weeks between renters, it is simpler to keep service installed at the property year-round. If your renters have any issues with the internet service, you can simply provide them with Phoenix Internet’s 24-hour customer service line for help.

It’s Attractive to Property Owners

As a property manager, you may be managing homes or properties owned by other people or an organization. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to keep the rental home in excellent shape. This becomes less likely if you have a high renter turnover rate, and here’s another way that fixed-point internet can make a difference.

Imagine a property that gets a new set of renters every year. In five years, that’s five different renters. It also means that on five separate occasions, a cable company technician has to come to the property to install internet service. Now, imagine every set of renters wants the modem installed in a different room. That means the cable company technicians are putting new holes in the drywall, chipping paint, stringing new cables and so on.

With fixed-point internet service, you have one receiver installed on the outside of the home, avoiding any possible property damage. Fixed-point internet is minimally invasive because it runs on a microwave signal from point to point.

It’s Scalable for Seasonal Use

Fixed-point internet is also a great option for mobile homes, RV parks and other types of managed properties that can have seasonal users. For example, mobile home parks in Arizona get a lot of “snowbirds” (retirees) from up north who enjoy wintering here due to the milder climate. Fixed-point internet allows an RV park manager to provide fast, reliable internet service to the entire park. Not only that, but data usage is easily adjusted for times of the year when you have more tenants showing up who are using a significant amount of data through movie streaming, emailing, etc.  

Contact Phoenix Internet for Fixed-Point Internet Service

  • Many modern renters are attracted to properties that already provide high-speed internet service
  • Property owners prefer the minimally-invasive nature of fixed-point internet
  • Scalable service and bandwidth is adjustable for busier seasons

Those are just a handful of the benefits that fixed-point wireless can provide to property managers. If you’d like to see how quickly and easily Phoenix Internet can provide high speed, fixed-point internet service to your managed properties, contact us today!