We hear it all the time: “I’d switch but I need to keep my cable/satellite so I can watch TV!” Not. Any. More.

Phoenix Internet has been hard at work through everything 2020 has dished out to bring you the fast, reliable Internet service you need and if you combine that with a streaming service like Sling’s AirTV or Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney Plus you can save over $700*! Even your streaming service with Dish or At&t work amazingly well on a Phoenix Internet connection! The difference is RELIABILITY, Phoenix Internet’s Hybrid Fiber-Wireless network allows us to deliver the fast, RELIABLE Internet connection that you need to switch and stream with confidence. Phoenix Internet is the largest Fixed-Point Wireless Internet Service Provider in Arizona and WE OWN OUR NETWORK, that makes a huge difference, it means that it’s our equipment, our technicians and our support team who answer the call.

You aren’t just buying resold Mediacom, Suddenlink, Cox or CenturyLink under a different brand. No. You’re getting PHOENIX INTERNET.

Now, for the first time in many Arizona communities: You Have a Real Choice!

It’s Easy to Get Started:

  • Click below to start your order, and chat or call (602)234-0917 to speak with one of our Associates.
  • We’ll get your Internet Service ready to go and introduce you to our friends at Empire Communications who will work with you to find the perfect Streaming or Satellite Package!

(Savings based on Mediacom Access60 + Variety TV package at Lost Dutchman RV Resort as of 8/12/2020 compared to Phoenix Internet 10Mbps package at $47/mo with Sling AirTV Orange + Blue at $40/mo)*