PHXVOICE — Cloud Based IP Voice Service

PHXVOICE from Phoenix Internet lets you reimagine how you connect your business, your employees, and your customers – with a flexible, cost-effective, cloud based voice solution.

PHXVOICE provides you with a robust, cloud-based, low-cost enterprise voice solution, replacing costly PBX or Centrex service — with the flexibility and durability of Internet Protocol (IP). Your company can change its communications financial model, meeting your communications needs at significant cost savings.

PHXVOICE goes far beyond traditional PBX, IP-PBX, Key, or Centrex services and offers a vast array of Web-based features and functionality for simplified, efficient communication within your company and with your customers. Business communications no longer need to be dependent on location and hardware. Phoenix Internet’s PHXVOICE gives you the best of both worlds: the features and benefits of traditional voice systems and the power and capability of the Internet.

Phoenix Internet will provide a FREE consultation to design a voice solution that provides the convenience, reliability and service you need – where you need it and when you need it!

  • Available in areas that other IP voice providers can’t or won’t serve
  • No cabling or fiber installation fees
  • No bundled or misleading intro rate
  • Direct access to your Account Manager – even after installation
  • Installation within 45 days
  • Local team of installers and customer service representatives – no contractors, confusing IVR options or service runarounds – always a live, local representative
  • Ideal for businesses with remote employees and temporary locations – construction sites, event venues and outdoor locations




User Web Portal

  • “Find me/follow me” preferences
  • View missed, outgoing, and incoming calls
  • Make outgoing calls
  • View and listen to voicemail messages
  • View and store faxes
  • Set-up conference calls
  • Assign speed-dial numbers
  • Manage personal and company contacts
  • Create unified messaging (ie send all voicemails to email or faxes to email)

Create a “national" campus:

  • Remove physical limitations
  • Connect remote employees to office seamlessly without extra costs
  • Migrate easily
  • Execute moves, adds, and changes simply (through Web-based tools)
  • Create 3 or 4-digit dialing plans

Simplify User Experience

  • Shared company directory
  • Prioritized call handling
  • User-friendly conferencing service
  • One unified voice mailbox
  • Instant tie-in to remote workers and branches
  • User Web Portal for all feature management and personal preferences

Save OpEx and CapEx

  • Free “on-net" calling — Eliminates long-distance calling between offices
  • Reduced support costs — Instant moves, adds, and changes with a click of a mouse
  • Built-in disaster recovery
  • Bundled packaging and pricing
  • Minimized service calls
  • Minimized system upgrade costs
  • Minimized upgrade costs for new features
  • No full-time employee needed to manage phone system

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